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Body Balance for Golfers


If you are like most golfers, you've probably taken lessons, read books, watched videos, bought great equipment and practiced, PRACTISED, PRACTISED. So why can't you get a good, consistent swing? Because a golfer's physical characteristics have a direct, functional relationship to their swing. Physical characteristics are not size and weight. They are posture, balance, flexibility, Coordination, control, strength, power and endurance. Physical characteristics are affected by past injuries and current levels of fitness, as well as heredity and past levels of activity.



If you are deficient in any of the physical characteristics, you will be forced to compensate for the deficit (s) by adjusting your swing, technique or equipment. Golfers commonly have stricture and postural imbalances throughout their bodies. Typically in standing, their heads are tilted and/or twisted to one side and held forward. One shoulder will be higher than the other, and one hip will be high. The normal curves of the spine may be exaggerated or reduced, and sometimes there is scoliosis.

The structural imbalances can develop slowly over time due to the build-up of micro traumas, such as thousands of improper golf swings. Or they may be due to one or more macro traumas, such as an auto accident or broken arm way back from childhood.
Regardless of the cause of your structural imbalances, your body's connective tissues have become limited in their movement and this causes more imbalances in your posture and movement. Thus, your body created compensation patterns. These compensation patterns affect the way you swing your club and transfer your will injure youself further
and basically how much enjoyment you will derive from the game.
An analogy would be if you had a classic car you really liked. You decide you want it to look and drive well. You get the engine and transmission rebuilt, get it painted, put on new tires, and get new upholstery. It might loo and run great, but if the frame/chasse had been bent, even from an accident a very long time ago, and/or the front was out of alignment, it would never drive properly. Driving it more and more would not fix it. In fact the stresses, shimmies and rettles would prematurely destroy the rebuilt engine, new tires and maybe even the body.

The same holds true for your body, if you have structural or postural imbalances, they prevent normal movement patterns. Practicing more and more will not fix them. Unlike your car your body does learn to compensate, so more practice might make a little improvement in your score, but it also leads to new compensations and new injuries.
Correcting the structural or postural imbalances would lead to greater improvements and reduced inuries.

Most people have significent postural and/or structural imbalances. Because they have been that way for so long, they are not even aware of them.When the structural and postural imbalances are corrected, your swing becomes more consistent, you get better weight transfer, pains diminish or are eliminated and your enjoyment of the game is increased significantly.

Dspine Chiropractic is offering you a programme called "Body Balance for Golfers" In addition to showing golfers how to play better golf, we assist them in playing pain free, and injury free.

Programme available on Sat-Mon CALL NOW - 0-2260-6586/7

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